Sorry if it wasn’t clear but this was all about UX Design. It’s what I do and am trained in. To your question, I cover that a bit in #7. It’s all about weaving in process as support in a story rather than describing the process like you would in an encyclopedia.

You are definitely right that interviewers like to ask about process. But nobody gets excited to interview you based on your description of process. You get to do that in person.

In fact, it’s a myth that UX Design has any more focus on process than other specialized domains. Behavioral Interviewing techniques emphasize asking candidates to walk them through examples in great detail so the interviewer can get a comprehensive understanding of how the candidate thinks and makes decisions. You’d do this when interviewing for developer, project manager, surgeon, etc.

That process is done in person (or on a call) and doesn’t need to be included in a portfolio.

By day, executive designer at Innovatemap where I help tech companies design marketable products. By night, co-founder of UX Power Tools.

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